Saturday, April 21, 2012

If the LORD truly is God, then follow Him.  
                                                                                             In All.
Is there anything I should holdonto?
                                         Any hope outside of Him?
                                           Any hurt?
Why do we        ...hesitate?
          Why do we l
We do not know Him as we ought.
We have not truly seen Him as we should.
Because if we know Him, even a little, we love Him;
                                                we can only trust Him.
It must be that I forget.
My choice to look away.
And loose sight.
                                  I do know You,
                                    I do love You,
                                    I do trust You.   More.
But I forget.
Forgive my unbelief, Lord.  It is unbelief.

You are Faithful.  You are True.  I am Yours.

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