Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Husband Rocks!

This is a small touch of the husband who rocks in my world.  
Erich Schneider

Allows God to Search His Heart,
Takes Care of All of Us,
Finds Humor with Me in Life,
Opens my Eyes to More Insights in God's Word
Provides for our Home,
Loves My Food,
Treasures Our Children,
Teaches Wisdom,
Shows Kindness,
Offers Hope to Those Struggling,
Admits Failures,
Longs to See Jesus,
 Allows Others to Try Things He Could Do Better,
Relates Well to All People,
Works Hard,
Encourages Others,
Keeps Making Our Marriage Beautiful,
Listens to My Heart While I Go Around the Mulberry Bush,
Dreams With Me,
Looks Out For Our Interests,
Treasures Me,
Is My Soul Mate,
Takes Me Out For Dinner,
Loves Me Deeply,
Honors Me and Our Kids,
Preaches Conviction that Touches His Own Soul,
Walks with Integrity,
Opens Our Home to Others,
Enjoys the Crafts of The Kids,
Someone I Enjoy Growing Old With
Exercises With Me,
Enjoys Our Walks,
Researches Things We Need,
Discusses All of Life,
Opens His Soul to Me,

This is My Beloved.

1 comment:

  1. yay!! i can{t wait til we are with a working computer and internet... i{m writing from the Elliot{s computer, the keyboard is well...
    missing you.

    very cool post btw. yay erich :)