Monday, June 28, 2010

Praise Him By Name

Do I notice you when you do great things in my life?
Do I notice you and praise you when you orchestrate regular things?
Do I cry out to you in my distress?
Do I worship you because you are faithful, because you are good, and because you are God Most High and Savior of my weary soul?
Do I acknowledge you by name as your mercies flow to me every morning?

.... OR

am I busy making granola,
frustrated again at the messes the kids have left around ,
frustrated that we had watched another game instead of having a date,
or bothered that I was weary in heart?

Look at the book of Esther?
Where do they cry out to their God for mercy when they face destruction? 
Where do they offer God praise for all that he did in saving the nation from annihilation?
Where do they fall on their faces in worship of the awesomeness of a God who orchestrates the minutest detail to derail the enemy of the Jews?
This is so sad.
This book used to be a "fairy tale" book to me... Look at the wonderful people who did wonderful things!  The bad guys lose.  The good guys win!
But this time, it was a sad book to me.  Where, Oh God, do they acknowledge you by name, call on you by name and worship you by name?  Where do they fall on their faces?  Where do they cry out to you?  Where do they celebrate your deliverance?  Where?

Wake up!
Offer Praise, adoration!
Come to me in your distress!
Call on me and I will answer!

Lord help me not to miss out on the workings of You in my life or be too distraught, distracted or self-sufficient to bring praise and honor to You, the Savior of my soul!

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