Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Are My Home

Are we ready to move?
I love our home
His timing
His grace for our needs,
His kindness in His gifts to me
I am ready.
I love the adventure.
What does he have next?
Will he lead as he has lead before?
How do we wait?
Wait patiently for the Lord.
Wait patiently.
Will I plant tulips this year?
 I never did at this home.
This world is not my home.
I am a vapor.
But maybe I'll plant at our next home.
I counted 60 moves.
25 feet down homes.
There were more.
Some back and forth.
Homes, boarding schools,
How do I put roots down?

You are my roots.
You are my strength.
In You I run.
In You I soar.
In You I find great comfort and joy.
You are my home.

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